Foot Spa

Our mission is to provide a clean, relaxing environment where you are treated by professional massage therapists for your foot reflexology and body. We hope you enjoy, de-stress, and relax while we give your body the treatments it
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Thai Therapy

Experience the best of all known Thai massage techniques for a relaxed body and a calm mind! In simple terms, we use a collection of all known Thai massage techniques that consists of both the traditional and the contemporary. If you are suffering from discomfort and stiffness in your
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Full Body Scrub Massage

Exfoliate your skin and let your skin appear glowing in its natural form with our full body scrub massage. We offer our services that comprise of sixty minutes per session. We use best in class energizing massage oils from renowned brands that help us deliver a fulfilling session to
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Swedish Spa

Long strokes and gentle pressure on all joints across your body would be the perfect solution for those aching joints after a hard day at the gym! We offer our Swedish Spa services in both sixty minutes as well as ninety minutes sessions. Our expert masseuse goes for long
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Balinese Spa

It is a holistic treatment that is often preferred by those who are looking for a fulfilling experience at a spa. We offer sixty-minute sessions for our Balinese Spa services. Balinese Spa is a deep tissue, full body treatment that follows the holistic approach. It makes the combined use
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Back Therapy

Relax your spine and your back muscles with our comprehensive and popular back therapy sessions today! A back therapy is none of the most effective ways you can relieve yourself from tensed muscles and restore balance to your skeletal and muscular system. It is the best way you can
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Aroma Therapy

We use essential oils and scented candles from renowned brands which makes the experience all the more appealing! We offer our aroma therapy sessions in two modes for you to choose from. You can either go for a sixty minutes session or a ninety minutes session. We use all
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